Fresh Food Box Equitable Pricing

Half-priced Fresh Food Boxes are now available for customers shopping with SNAP! Receive the same great bag of produce for just $7 when you pay with your EBT card at every bg视讯 Fresh Food Box site.

Equitable Pricing ensures all New Yorkers access to healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables grown primarily by regional farmers and sourced through bg视讯 Wholesale. bg视讯 Fresh Food Box customers are asked to pay for their Fresh Food Box at the level that best suits their economic and personal situation. No documentation is required from customers. Equitable pricing works on the honor system. 

Let our site managers know your self-selected tier – Blue, Orange, or Green. We will save your preference to make the check-out process efficient. If your situation changes and you would like to switch tiers at any time, simply let our site managers know. 

No matter which tier you choose, you will receive the exact same Fresh Food Box as every other customer: a carefully curated selection of the season’s best fruits and vegetables. The higher tiers help us pay for the costs to run the program, including paying our staff a living wage, purchasing supplies that allow us to accept EBT/SNAP, and covering the administrative tasks required to keep the program running. 

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Special thanks to our colleagues at Rolling Grocer 19 for sharing their innovative Fair Pricing System, which informed this work.